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Mount Whitney in central California, near the city Lone Pine, was chosen to be the location for the episode " The Ascent " in which Odo and Quark crash-landed on an uninhabitable planet in the Gamma Quadrant. Steve Oster chose this location since he took an annual trip there. For the episode " Children of Time " the Ahmanson Ranch out near Ventura, California was used to stand in for the exterior scenes on Gaia.

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For the episode " Rocks and Shoals ", part of the sixth season opening arc, the crew went to Sun Valley in the north of Los Angeles and filmed the battle and beach sequences in a rock quarry. The wider view of the ocean was later added in post production. For the episode " Change of Heart " the production crew thought about a location shooting because of the story between Dax and Worf who crash-landed in a jungle vegetation.

Griffith Park's Fern Dell and the nearby Angeles National Forest were considered, but because of the effect heavy opening story arc of the season and very detailed episodes such as " Far Beyond the Stars " the crew and the greens department filled Paramount Stage 5 with all of their trees and plants and used the sound stage instead of the outdoor location. For the holographic baseball field scenes in the episode " Take Me Out to the Holosuite ", Steve Oster was able to strike a deal with the Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, a campus facility near the ocean.

The scenes of the underground court on the Ocampa homeworld in the pilot episode " Caretaker " were filmed at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The Tillman Water Reclamation Plant again showed up as a building on the unnamed planet in the episode " Time and Again ". Parts of Bronson Canyon were again used for " The 37's ". The scenes on the unnamed planet in the Delta Quadrant and most of the scenes involving the first landing of the USS Voyager on a planet were filmed in Bronson Canyon, near Hollywood. Star Trek: Voyager Companion. For the fourth season opening episode, " Scorpion, Part II ", the second unit filmed two short scenes on the grassy area in front of the Paramount Administration Building. For the third filmed episode of the fourth season, " Nemesis ", the production spent two days at the Warner Bros.

On Monday 23 June , and Tuesday, 24 June , this location stood in as the surface of a planet in the Delta Quadrant. A whole set, the Larhana settlement , was built at this location. Beside main cast members Robert Beltran and Tim Russ , a group of guest actors, background performers, and stunt performers started filming at am. Lisa White worked as location manager on this episode. For the production of the fourth season episode " Concerning Flight ", the Boyle Bros.

World Film Locations: Las Vegas

Ranch in Chatsworth stood in as the landscape outside of the city on an alien planet. It was filmed on Monday 15 September and a map was attached to the call sheet for this day. A map was also attached to the call sheet. Paramount's New York Streets backlot was again used for the episode " ". The jungle scenes in the Hirogen training facility in the seventh season episode " Flesh and Blood " were filmed at the Warner Bros. Again, Lisa White served as location scout. The call sheets for the episode featured the notes "Rain or Shine" and "Be Prepared for summer weather, bugs, bees and other natural occurrences".

For " Natural Law ", production used Griffith Park as jungle surface of Ledos and filmed scenes on location on Wednesday 21 February The pilot episode " Broken Bow " features the city Malibu in three scenes which were filmed on 19 June Malibu stood in for Hoshi Sato 's exterior classroom in Brazil and the surrounding area and for the flashback scenes on the beach. Another location was the city Bakersfield , which stood in for Broken Bow.

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The scenes involving the Klingon Klaang , the silo explosion, and the meeting with farmer Moore which were filmed on 12 June and 13 June For the episode " Terra Nova ", production went for one day to the filming location Polsa Rosa Ranch which stood in as the surface of the planet Terra Nova. Call sheet. Several back-up shots were later filmed on the Paramount backlot. The production crew spent five days on location, shooting the episode " Marauders ". They went to a rock quarry in Ventura County , northwest of Los Angeles, to shoot the scenes at the mining colony including two dozens of extras and a few Klingon stuntmen.

Later they've continued to practice and learned the rappelling techniques at a thirty-foot climbing wall on a private location.

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The actual scenes in the episode were later filmed on the Paramount sound stage. The deleted scenes including Chinatown and the Chinese restaurant in the episode " The Expanse ", where Jonathan Archer and Becky met in were filmed at Paramount 's New York Streets backlot which was also used to portray the space in front of Starfleet Headquarters. For the season 3 opening episode a short scene was filmed at the Paramount Theater which stood in as Florida location during Trip Tucker 's nightmare. The production crew used the Western Town of the Universal Studios backlot as the location of the town and remained there during their seven days schedule.

The Western Town set includes the main street, a livery stable, the schoolhouse, and the saloon. For one scene a shuttlepod set dressing was brought into the Western Town. After these scenes the team went to the Lacy Street Production Center near Dodger Stadium , a studio northwest of downtown. It included all the exterior scenes in the Carpenter Street and the nearby rooftops and dark alleys.

A Las Vegas film locations walking tour

For the final days, Paramount's New York Street backlot was used for filming at the same location where Marlon Brando 's character was shot in the movie The Godfather. It was a short day, only 6. The location used is owned by the mining company P. Gillibrand and was later enhanced in post production. For the episode " Affliction " the story was placed on Earth in San Francisco, near Madame Chang's Mandarin Cafe , which was actually filmed on the Paramount lot between the studio's Administration building and another building which was also used as the high school in Happy Days.

This time it portrayed the Assembly Hall of Starfleet Command during the interstellar conference. The Paramount Theater was also the place where the first screenings for several Trek series were held, including the Enterprise episodes " Broken Bow " and " Storm Front ". On day of shooting for the episode " Home " was done on location. In the pilot episode , " The Vulcan Hello ", a desert location in Jordan was used to portray the early scene on the surface of the Crepusculan homeworld including lead actress Sonequa Martin-Green and Michelle Yeoh.

After Trek : " Episode 10 ". For example, the scene where Kirk just about gets hit by a car was filmed at the corner of Kearney, Pacific Avenue, and Columbus in downtown San Francisco [75]. Underwater photography including the miniature whale models was filmed in a swimming pool at College of Marin in Indian Valley, Novato, Marin County. One of the best things about Southern California travel is getting to see where the film magic is made. Both are major Southern California attractions for shoppers, plus great spots for photo ops.

Las Vegas film locations: A Sin City walking tour – On the Luce travel blog

Next up during your Southern California vacation, enjoy a docent led tour of the William S. Hart Museum. Plot: The aliens are coming, and their goal is to invade and destroy. Fighting superior technology, man's best weapon is the will to survive. Holabird says Pullman and Goldblum traveled to Rachel the year the movie was released in theaters——to dedicate the official opening of the Extraterrestrial Highway.

The set was not new to Russell. The Biggest Little City has provided the backdrop for countless films, as is the case with this under-the-radar movie. Forget its role in popular films. The barely standing buildings and ruins remain from the early s when the Bullfrog Mining District boomed. By the s, the town was by all means abandoned. With such a mind-blowing number of things to do in one state, use these tools and resources to help you prepare for an absolutely killer Nevada experience.

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